10-12 October, 2017

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Intelligent Tire Technology Agenda

News on TPMS - Tire Data Generation and Processing - Legislation and Market Update 

10 - 12 October 2017, Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais Dresden, Germany

  • News on EU legislation and tire electronics
  • Role of the tire sensor
  • Potential of real-time, cloud based information from an OEM and supplier's perspective
  • Update on China's tire industry
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Model-based feasibility analysis
  • Intelligent Truck Tires
  • Challenges of tire mounted sensors
  • Digital tire innovations


Tire technology is part of privacy battles

In the current climate of concern about personal and corporate privacy, every technological advance that sends information automatically is scrutinized for its security, but is also questioned for the possibility of revealing private information. Still, can a tire monitor really tell tales about you and your activities? This question involves the entire system in new automobiles and larger trucks. For some years now, advocates for privacy have argued that systems in place that can track speed and location can be used to unduly penalize drivers, among other concerns.

We will look at the legal and ethical considerations behind the latest regulations, particularly in Europe. We will also compare the unique situation of motor vehicle driving and ownership considering these rules.

Read the article and get an insight into the following aspects:

  • Data and the individual
  • Reporting cars and legality
  • EU mandates and security
  • The ultimate in communication on wheels, from your wheels


The future of intelligent tires - expert interview with Peter Mackel, Sensata

Peter Mackel, Director of Global Business Development at Sensata Technologies Holland B.V. gave us the opportunity to speak to him about opportunities and challenges within the intelligent tire technology industry.

Read the full interview and get an insight into the following:

  • Sensata: Company core competences
  • Insight into major current opportunities and challenges in the industry
  • Projects Sensata is working on, including major achievements
  • Technologies in use for direct TPMS applications, sensor solutions and system arrangements
  • Future of intelligent tire technology and tire electronics
  • Latest market trends for use of Direct Typre Pressure Monitoring Systems 
  • The view on data, which is generated by vehicle's sensors -"the currency" of the upcoming years?


Identification of passenger car tire and consumer centric benefits

Marc Gonnet, Director at Michelin gave a presentation on last years Intelligent Tire Technology conference about the relationship between identification of passenger car tire and consumer centric benefits.

Read the full presentation and get a deeper understanding of :

  • Benefit domains for connected tire
  • Connected tire identification - Michelin vision
  • Tire wear and beyond

Daimler presents: Measuring the tire cavity noise

Improving the system knowledge of the tire cavity noise by sound measurements in the tire cavity is the overall subject of this presentation from Oliver Krauss, Development Engineer at Daimler AG

Read the full presentation and get an insight into the following topics:

  • What is the tire cavity noise? 
  • History of tire cavity
  • Theoretical background
  • Measuring systems including requirements and specifications
  • Measurement results  

Continental presents: Intelligent Tire Technology in the context of big data

Thomas Scheid, Project Manager at Continental Engineering Services gave a presentation on least years Intelligent Tire Technology conference about intelligent tire technology in the context of big data.

Have a look at the presentation and gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Generation of relevant information in the vehicle including road friction estimation, road type classification and traffic sign recognition
  • Data transfer
  • Data mining

The presentation also includes an introduction and outlook.