The major trends in the automotive sector – connected, autonomous & shared vehicles – directly translate into the tire industry.

The tire industry is increasingly integrating technology into tires in order to make them “smarter”. This technology helps prolonging tire wear, increasing road safety, strengthening road performance and driving comfort, raising fuel efficiency and diminishing CO2 emission. The technology can at the same time be seen as forerunner for self-driving vehicles, which need to be able to detect road conditions so to be able to adapt driving style accordingly.

This conference will discuss the greatest challenges OEMs and tire manufacturers are facing within the field of smart tires, as well as the new trends of 2018.

Focus areas will be: Autonomous driving, fleet management, tire connectivity, sensor standard, processing collected data.

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Reasons to Attend

Learn about competition coming from China, India and Brazil - and how to out-stand
Join in on the discussion about standards for tire sensors

   Get the latest updates on advanced tire technology

Gain a competitive edge with lessons learned, prototypes, and case studies from the biggest OEMs, tire manufacturers, and start-ups

How advanced solutions like TPMS highly increase fleet management efficiency, as well as reduces its costs

Discover the latest solutions your peers found for tires on autonomous vehicles
Build a solid understanding of the right data processing and data sharing challenges and opportunities
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